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The Technical Rescue Taskforce has been established in order to have trained firefighters ready to be deployed to any technical rescue emergency in Toms River Township. A technical rescue is any emergency involving a confined space, trench collapse, high angle rope rescue scenario or a structural collapse incident. The Technical Rescue Taskforce consists of fire department personnel from all six Toms River Fire Companies. Membership shall be based on an application process for each prospective candidate with approval of his or her fire company chief. Each member shall attend monthly training evolutions to maintain their taskforce status. Training shall be commensurate with TRFD guidelines 5-14 – 5-16 and with all applicable standards under NFPA1670.

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  Taskforce Leaders      
  Radio ID Name  
  TRT-1 TRT Branch Director John Novak  
  TRT-2 TRT Branch Director Ken Taylor  
  TRT-3 TRT Deputy Branch Director Rich Heroy  
  TRT-4 TRT Deputy Branch Director Will Ihrig  
  TRT-5 TRT Squad 1 Leader (Rescue) Steve Hayes  
  TRT-6 TRT Squad 2 Leader (Rescue) Pat Beebe  
  TRT-7 TRT Squad 3 Leader (Rescue/Search) Rick Tutela  
    TRT Squad 4 Leader (Logistics) Doug Voigt  
    TRT Safety Kieran Flynn  
  Taskforce Units      
  2624 Heavy Rescue      
  2917 Heavy Rescue      
  2904 Rehab & Technical Rescue Trailer      
  2607 Technical Rescue Trailer      
  2865 - Ladder Operations      
  3017 Member Transport      
  2517 Member Transport      
  Special Call(s)      
  Ladder Company      
  TRMUA VAC Trucks (2) on trench collapses      
  Technical Rescue Taskforce Forms    
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